East Banks Look Forward to West Coast

In a couple of weeks, the „West Coast“ will visit Balingen, Luis and Luis‘ staff… We are very much looking forward to seeing our friends again, doing trips, enjoying phantastic meals and searching for a black forest bench again ;-). Luis is happy as well: He is very excited about the latest perro stories from his „country of origin“.

By the way: We spared neither trouble nor expense to make the acclimatization from Barcelona to Balingen as comfortable as possible. Therefore we can now proudly present a Spanish operated hotel — not just in walking distance, but within earshot.

As a tapa for staying at the Cosita hotel in Balingen, here is the view from the East Banks (of the Eyach river):

Top floor: Two large suites with roof deck 3rd floor (for US): Medium suite on the left 2nd floor (UK): Same as 3rd floor (US) Foreground: Medium motivated dog
Top floor: Two large suites with roof deck
3rd floor (US)/2nd floor (UK): Medium suite on the left
Foreground: Medium hungry dog
Friedhofkirche (11th century) and Cosita (21 th century)
Friedhofkirche (11th century) and Cosita (21 th century)

All suites have view to

  • the Eyach river
  • the 11th century Friedhofkirche (Google translated description here)
  • a curious dog watching street life from our balcony
Cosita y Casa Luis
Cosita y Casa Luis

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